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lavigne's FECES

i want to stick my finger in avril lavigne's stinky asshole and see her FECES on my finger

jamie dent

hi, what is up with your real tiny weenie? what is the limit for entering this competition? sometimes my mum bullies me saying that she cut off my penis at birth when really its just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo small.
is 2 mm too big?
there is no doubting my penis is the smallest in the world
sometimes i cant even masterbate
Mr partner Chris drake wants it to be smaller as he has a very tight bum hole. Any advice?

e-mail me at

love jamie dent - stevenage

little wymondley, bucks head

Unbelievable! To say this is a "small" penis contest is laughable. None of these dudes have anything close to a "small" penis between their legs. If one of them had a "small" penis, it would be HUGE compared to the rest. (LOL)

Some of them guys said they thought this would be an "empowering" experience. Empowering? These dudes just humiliated and degraded themselves on national television!

Damn DAWGs (Dumb-Ass-White-Guys) with mirodicks. The entire staff, crew and national audience was laughin' their asses off at these DAWGS while each one stood "front and center" talkin' about their tiny dicks and how they been' humiliated. The one dude's girl left him for another chick (LOL), the next dude got his naked ass kicked out of bed with two hot bisexual chicks (LOL). And, to top it all off, these DAWGs strip down butt naked for all the world to see. Their itty bitty privates are now public FOREVER. Aint nothin' empowering about that, only degrading and humiliating!

Woof, woof DAWGs! Got to be a mind f#@k after they left the set to realize they just f#@ked themselves over. Although, they couldn't feel that anyway! (LOL)


Damn.. I dated one of these guys once! I had the same reaction Robin had when he got naked. NO F-ing way!! If I were them I would overdose on Viagra.
How the hell do they pee standing up??????


I also dated one of these guys, and let me tell you, it wasn't so small once he was excited!

I used to suck that thing all night and I remember it always hitting the back of my throat.

the man

my 5 and a half inches looks pretty good now

La figure humaine, apr s avoir disloqu en cinquante ans...


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Ms B

I kinda envy their liberation


I'd rather not be Gay!


i thought frank was really cute! I would love to meet a cute guy like him


I would love more like that for my site:

Anything about SPH is welcome.

Size Matters

Are that a penis, or a clit?

That's my brother


Argh jeez! I'm sorry for all those people, coz I'm one of them 3 months ago. But my wife insisted that I enhance it naturally without drugs or surgery & she recommended this site to me.

Now I've added extra 2inches & still adding up! Hope this tips helps ya'll! Good luck!


i met a guy recently, and he was small, but he was not cute, yea frank is very very cute


david? i tried to e-mail you, e-mail bounces back

Penis Enlargement

what a funny competition...


These men obviously have endocrinology issues or chromosome issues, a lack of testosterone is probably the biggest issue. They're disproportion of fat and breasts tell me they have hypogonadism -

If they had received testosterone injections when they were younger, they're penises would be normal size. Even now, additional testosterone could possibly make their penises grow to normal size.


Perhaps they have large clitorises instead of penises.

trejo jose

hola no importa el tamaño el todo es saberlo usar

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